Aims of Organization

A step forward for Japanese advertising.

The JAAA was created to bring advertising companies together, to stimulate the creation of new ads, and to foster quality advertising. Since its foundation in 1950, the JAAA has grown considerably as the representative organization of the Japanese advertising industry. Our member companies account for approximately 70% of Japan’s total advertising expenditure, a figure which gives us a tremendous social responsibility. It is up to us to foster ads which benefit society as a whole and provide people with the information they need to improve their lives. Advertising plays a major role in society, and we at the JAAA will do our utmost to uphold its quality.


Objectives and Activities of the JAAA

JAAA conducts activities for the sound development of the advertising industry and improvement of the standard of advertising activities, in pursuit of the common interests of all members. It also aims to contribute to improving the lives of the citizenry and promoting the further development of the Japanese economy.It also employs the following activities and research projects.
(1)Conduct of surveys and research with a view to increased operations efficiency within the advertising industry.
(2)Assessment of modernized methods of advertising transactions.
(3)Actions to promote advertising ethics.
(4)Conduct of surveys and research into the enhancement of advertising technologies.
(5)Liaison and cooperation with relevant organizations.
(6)Collection and recommendation of advertising related information.
(7)Various assorted operations for the accomplishment of association objectives.