Code of Ethics

The Japan Advertising Agencies Association
Corporation Code of Ethics
(established May 28, 2004)

Our mission is to contribute to the establishment of affluent and civilized society through fulfilling the social responsibility of advertising industry while recognizing the impact advertising may give to the society. We accomplish our mission by providing various communication services including advertising that lay bridges between businesses and consumers, businesses and businesses, businesses and the society, and the society and individuals. We now lay down the following Code of Ethics and Creative Code to commit ourselves to making maximum efforts to achieve this mission by working closely with advertisers, media companies and partner companies, while respecting the position of each party.

Code of Ethics

  • Advertising must present the truth and live up to the trust of the society.
  • Advertising must comply with laws, regulations and ethical codes, pay respect to human rights and provide fair-minded expression.
  • Advertising must not work against sound social order or good customs of the society.
  • Advertising must esteem grace and dignity to contribute to the establishment of sound and healthy life of the people.
  • Advertising must provide information that puts primary emphasis on the benefit of the consumers.
  • Advertising must contribute to the optimum solution of the client’s issues through effective and efficient communications.

Creative Code

  • Advertising should give joy and excitement to the minds of the people through relentless pursuit of creativity.
  • Advertising should pursue and stretch the limit of creativity with feet standing firm on social regulations and orders.
  • Advertising should pay respect to creativity and must not violate the rights held by third parties.
  • Advertising must communicate the truth without resorting to false or exaggerated expressions.
  • Advertising must avoid expressions that may lead to misunderstandings by refraining from the use of unclear words or contents.
  • Advertising must not make slanders or defamations against others.
  • Advertising must pay attention to human rights and must not make any unjustifiable, discriminatory expressions.
  • Advertising should maintain dignity , avoid expressions that may cause unpleasant impressions.
  • Advertising should pay special attention not to interfere with the sound growth of the juveniles.
  • Advertising should use compact expressions for easy understanding and acceptance.