Creative Committee

This committee established the “Creator of the Year” prize, and is in charge of selecting the winner from the advertising industry. The selection process involved pays particular attention to advertising creativity as a means to promote quality advertising. The committee also organizes the biannual Creative Study meeting held in Tokyo. This meeting provides a forum for active research through lectures and the showing of graphic advertisements and television commercials on a topical theme, in order to stimulate discussion and debate.
Seminars are also held in various other locations, including Hokkaido, Nagoya, Kyoto and Kyushu in cooperation with local advertising associations. The creative committee also contributes to the enhancement of advertising creativity by acting upon creativity-related problems such as the copyrights of television commercials, offering useful information, collaboration, and cooperation with advertising production organizations.

[Awards Administration Subcommittee]

This subcommittee is in charge of all administrative procedures related to the “Creator of the Year” competition.

[Copyright Subcommittee]

This subcommittee exchanges information and confers with relevant organizations to deal with advertising-related copyright problems.

[Production Transactions Subcommittee]

In order to solve the issues on Production Transactions among tripartite associations, it was organized last year within Creative Committee.