Seminars Committee

The following seminars are organized by this committee; providing training for personnel in order to raise the standards of the advertising industry as a whole.


1) Orientation seminar for new employees

This seminar is held for 4 days in April every year and is targeted at new employees of member companies. Front-line employees from member companies take charge in giving lectures and a specific theme is given for group discussion on the last day.

2) Follow-up seminar

Targeted at those who attended the orientation seminar for new employees, this seminar is held approximately six months following the orientation seminar for the advanced program.

3) Advertising and Human Rights seminar

This enlightening seminar is geared toward the Human Rights Week in December.

4)Personal Information Protection seminar

This annual seminar is in line with campaign business.

[An Introduction to the Advertising Business – Publishing Subcommittee]

This subcommittee takes charge of editing and publishing “An Introduction to the Advertising Business,” which is used as a text at the orientation seminar for new employees.