Providing support through the sharing of information.

THE JAAA REPORTS (published on the first of each month)

THE JAAA REPORTS is a monthly bulletin with an external role to express the opinions of advertising companies, it also acts as an intermediary between members. The report has a very open policy and has published the views of new employees and company executives alike since 1957. Special editions of the report include prize-winning essays and reports on advertising study tours overseas.


An Introduction to the Advertising Business (published biannually)

This is a manual for employees newly recruited to member companies. Although there are a lot of books on the market that are related to advertising, this manual has acquired a reputation for being highly practical, offering information which can be instantly applied to real situations. The 23nd edition was published on March 27, 2020.

Newspaper Advertising Rates(published in July and every year)
Broadcasting Advertising Rates(published in October every year)

Produced by compiling information from media companies nationwide and publishing them in one convenient book. It has been widely used as a source material within the advertising industry since it was first published in 1957.

A Guide to Environmental Communication for advertising business (published in April,2016)

This guide clearly summarizes how environmental issues should be addressed in the present age,and is vital information for advertisers. Its main focus is an explanation of ISO 14021 environmental labels and declarations(Type Ⅱ).

The Casting Operations Handbook (published in February, 1999)

Casting has become a very important aspect for the creative departments of advertising agencies. This practical manual gives clear information concerning the planning, negotiation and drawing up of contracts for working with national and international personalities. It also includes examples of law-related problems and possible difficulties.

Advertising Transactions and the Withholding of Tax (published in February, 2014)

In advertising transactions, the withholding of tax is a complex matter involving a difficult decision-making process. This practical guide gives clear explanations concerning the withholding of tax, with specific case examples presented in Q & A style.